Bass, Robert M. - from United States

ID: 264498
Organization: TBI
Country of meeting: in the year 2012

Businessman, philanthropist. Bass's father founded Bass Brothers Enterprises in 1960 after inheriting $11 million from his great uncle Sid W. Richardson in 1959. In 1985, he founded the Robert M. Bass Group as his personal investment company. Bass also serves as the chairman of Aerion Corporation and president of Keystone, Inc. He founded Oak Hill Capital Partners in 1986.

Taft Broadcasting was purchased by TFBA Limited Partnership, which included Robert M. Bass, in April 1987 for $1.43 billion taking the company private. Bass in March 1988 sold the Plaza Hotel to Donald Trump, thanks to their mutual friend Thomas J. Barrack Jr.. He led a buy-out of Bell & Howell in April 1988. In June 1988, Bass made an offer to purchase Macmillan Inc., the publishing and information company, but the company responded with a restructuring.

Bass formerly served as Chairman of the board at Aerion Supersonic, a developer of supersonic business jets. Bass was replaced by Tom Vice as Chairman upon the announcement of a partnership between Boeing and Aerion on February 5, 2019.

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