Thornton, John L. - from United States

ID: 264657
Organization: TBI
Country of meeting: in the year 2013

Is a Professor and Director of the Global Leadership Program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He is also Executive Chairman of Barrick Gold Corporation and Non-Executive Chairman of PineBridge Investments. Thornton retired as President of Goldman Sachs in 2003.

Thornton joined Goldman Sachs in 1980 and became a partner at age 34. In 1983, he founded and developed Goldman Sachs' European mergers and acquisitions business. He first began work in London in 1985, and served as co-CEO of Goldman Sachs International in London from 1995 to 1996. Thornton was Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia from 1996 to 1998, where he expanded the firm's regional franchise during the Asian financial crisis. He announced his retirement from Goldman Sachs in 2003 to take up an academic position in China, although he would remain an adviser on issues related to China. According to the New York Times, Thornton's decision to retire "was prompted by a recognition that Mr. Paulson, who is 56, plans to remain Goldman's leader for at least three to five more years, delaying Mr. Thornton's expected promotion."

Goldman Sachs President and Co-COO (1999-2003)
Goldman Sachs Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia (1996-98)
Goldman Sachs Co-CEO Goldman Sachs International (1995-96)
Goldman Sachs Partner (1988-2003)
Goldman Sachs (1980-88)
Member of the Board of DirecTV
Member of the Board of Ford Motors (1996-)
Member of the Board of Goldman Sachs (1999-2003)
Member of the Board of Intel (2003-)
Member of the Board of News Corporation (2004-)

Activities in the Orangization:
Trustee, Chair