Bonner, Robert W. - from Canada | United States

ID: 273371
Organization: TTC
Country of meeting: in the year 1975

He read law with Clark, Wilson, White, Clark and Maguire from 1945-1948 and was called to the Bar in July, 1948. He practised until 1952 and was created a Q.c. on August 1, 1952. While practising law, he was persuaded by the late Premier W. A. C. Bennett to become the firstAttorney-General of the Social Credit Party and was elected to office six times, serving from 1952-1968, the only Attorney-General in B.C. to hold this office for 16 years.

During his period of office, he held additional portfolios at various times, serving as Minister of Education, Minister of Industrial Development, Minister of Trade and Commerce and Minister of Commercial Transport. As Minister of Commercial Transport, he was responsible for putting together and seeing constructed the Port of Roberts Bank which enable the major export of Crows Nest coal to Japan.

Bob left public office in 1968 to join MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. as Senior VicePresident and progressed to Executive Vice-President, Vice-Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officerand Chairman of the Board. In 1976, he was appointed Chairman of B.C. Hydro and held that position until 1985. DUring this time, he was involved with the corporation's explosive period of expansion. The most recent project with which he was associated was the Revelstoke Dam, which is the key factor in the province's successful export program with the United States. At present, Bob is a partner of Robertson, Ward, Suderman and Bowes.

Activities in the Orangization:
North America, Executive Committee