Davis, Archibald K. - from United States

ID: 273389
Organization: TTC
Country of meeting: in the year 1975

He joined Wachovia Bank & Trust Company in 1932. He was named assistant treasurer in 1938, assistant vice president in 1940, vice president in 1942, senior vice president in 1946 and chairman in 1956.

Former Wachovia President Robert Hanes and Governor Luther Hodges recruited Davis in August 1958 to help raise funds for a private land development company (Pinelands) to create a research park in the state. Davis agreed to raise funding, but for a public service non-profit organization — Research Triangle Foundation — and to pay off Pinelands debt. He raised the necessary funds with one month. Davis was elected president of the new foundation (1959-1981) and then chairman (1981-1987) until he retired. He served two terms in the North Carolina State Senate for Forsyth County from 1959-1962.

In 1965-1966, Davis served as president of the American Bankers Association. He also was president of the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1971-1972. In retired from Wachovia Bank in 1974 and went back to school. He earned a master's degree from UNC in 1975. His dissertation was on a Civil War leader and it was turned into a book — Boy Colonel of the Confederacy: The Life and Times of Henry King Burgwyn, Jr. Over the years, he was a director with many businesses, including AT&T, Media General, Southern Railway Corp. and R.J. Reynolds Industries.


Activities in the Orangization:
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