Adler, Lionello - from Italy

ID: 274597
Organization: TTC
Country of meeting: in the year 1995

Chairman, Banca Commerciale Italiana, Milan, Chairman, Cartiere Burgo, San Mauro Torinese. His career the banker Lionello Adler, who died at 88 years of age, had also been president of the Comit I funeral in Austria The funeral of the manager, scheduled tomorrow in Turin, will be celebrated in Austria died Sunday morning at the hospital Mauriziano Lionello Adler, 88 years old, former president of Banca Commerciale Italiana and since 2000 honorary president of Cartiere Burgo spa, of which he had been president for a long time. The funeral was supposed to take place tomorrow but was postponed because the relatives decided to bury him in Austria.

The dispute over the funeral ceremony is the last act of the troubled affair of which Adler was unwittingly the protagonist in 2006. Sentimentally linked to Countess Italia Viglino Cibrario, one of the most famous names in worldliness, who was killed on the evening of December 16 in the courtyard of her house in Corso Montevecchio 36 by two Romanians who had decided to rob her (at least this was the official version), Adler, in the folds of the investigation, knew he no longer had a penny. Countess Cibrario, before dying, had in fact transferred all her money into accounts in her name.

A river of money that, after the killing of the noblewoman, ended up in the pockets of the lawyer Munno, a friend who, surprisingly, had turned out to be the universal heir of all the assets of Italy Viglino Cibrario. The judges, however, had wanted lawyer Munno to take care of Lionello Adler's livelihood, bearing the costs of rent and caregivers who took care of him being completely unable to take care of himself. According to rumors, lawyer Munno had already prepared the funeral for tomorrow in Turin, but on Monday the last relatives of the honorary president of Cartiere Burgo spa blocked the ceremony preferring to bury the relative in Austria. (me.po.) (Translate)

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