Appel, Frank - from Germany

ID: 299512
Organization: WEF
Country of meeting: Davos in the year 2013

Has been CEO of Deutsche Post since February 18, 2008. His present appointment is through October 2022. He has been Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Post AG since November 1, 2002.

Appel served as Chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Postbank AG, but effective December 31, 2010, he resigned his position on the Supervisory Board.

Appel served as Head of Logistics, Mail International division of Deutsche Post AG since 2007. In this position, he was responsible for Global Business Services including Legal Services Insurance and Risk Management, Corporate Procurement, Information Technology, Corporate Real Estate, Finance Operations, DPWN Business Consulting and Global Customer Solutions at DHL. He served as Head of Global Business services and Head of Corporate services of Deutsche Post AG and served as its Managing Director of Corporate Development since 2000.

Prior to his start at Deutsche Post AG, Appel served as Consultant and Project Manager at McKinsey & Co., Frankfurt am Main, Germany since 1993 and as Partner of Member of German Business Management, McKinsey & Co. since 1999.

Activities in the Orangization: