Bagó, Sebastián - from Argentina

ID: 299547
Organization: WEF
Country of meeting: Davos in the year 2013

Graduate (Hons) in Business Admin., School of Social and Economic Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica. President: Bagó Group - Laboratorios Bagó. Founder and Vice-President: Química Montpellier - Victoria Insurances. Vice-President, Disprofarma. Founder, Laboratorios Bagó: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Cuba, Caribbean countries, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Pakistan. Vice-President, Argentine Business Association task force of CEOs of the most important Argentine companies. Founder and President, Fundación Empresa Global, promoting investment in SMEs with high potential. Officer, French Legion of Honour - recipient, Imposición de la Encomienda al Mérito Civil, Spain.

Activities in the Orangization: