Jafar, Majid - from United Arab Emirates

ID: 300486
Organization: WEF
Country of meeting: Davos in the year 2013

Is a UAE businessman of Iraqi origin, the CEO of Crescent Petroleum, the Middle East's oldest privately-held oil and gas company. He is vice-chairman of the Crescent Group, his family's company, and the managing director of Dana Gas (PJSC). In 2014, he was named one of the world's 50 most influential Arabs by Middle East Magazine.

Jafar left Shell in 2004 to join Crescent Petroleum at their headquarters in Sharjah, UAE. He was appointed as the company's CEO in 2011. Crescent's business and exploration focus lies in the MENA region with a special focus on Egypt and Iraq/Kurdistan, where the Jafar family originally stems from. In a 2018 licensing round Crescent Petroleum was awarded new development and production contracts for the Gilabat and Qumar gas fields in Iraq.


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